Yohimbe for erectile dysfunction has not been researched to discover how it works, but an active ingredient from yohimbe bark, called yohimbine has been extensively studied because it is an accepted prescription drug for erectile dysfunction.

These studies have shown that yohimbine – which is a standardised extract from yohimbe bark – works by acting on brain and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system to release neuro-transmitters which relax smooth muscle tissue in penis walls, increasing blood flow. This is partly achieved by the release of nitric oxide.

It also increases sexual desire, possibly by the release of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Yohimbe Alternatives
Herbalists and doctors warn you cannot draw the conclusion that yohimbe will work because yohimbine is a proven erectile dysfunction treatment, because they are different ingredients.

Yohimbe is not accepted as a legal supplement in Australia and is on a Customs Watchlist as a prohibited import.

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Jenny Wheeler