Herbal Ignite Treatment – A Decade of Success

herbal ignite treatmentHerbal Ignite treatment is an over-the-counter herbal supplement for supporting sexual health which has been used successfully by thousands of men in Australia and New Zealand for more than a decade, since its launch in 1999.

Herbal Ignite treatment is best suited for men who prefer a natural treatment which  does not give unpleasant side effects like severe headaches.

It is taken like a dietary supplement, daily with food according to body weight, for a recommended period of 60 to 90 days.

Herbal Ignite Treatment

Like all herbal treatments, Herbal Ignite does not work instantly; it can take a few days to a few weeks to start noticing benefits.  However one of the advantages that gives Herbal Ignite customers satisfaction is the way it supports libido. 

Once you are “up and running” you don’t have to consciously think about “taking a pill to perform” – your body is primed and ready to go and able to respond as you’d wish when the opportunity arises.

And Herbal Ignite treatment not only supports good health, the herbs in it have been used in traditional medicine for many years to increase libido and stamina.

Herbal Ignite Treatment – Key Herbs

The key herb in Herbal Ignite treatment is tribulus terrestris, which research shows supports key herbs - herbal ignite treatmenttestosterone – the male hormone that is essential for a healthy sex life, strong erections and muscle strength.
Horny goat weed and avena sativa – additional herbs in the Herbal Ignite formula – have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years to promote sexual performance and relieve stress.
The herbs in Herbal Ignite treatment are all accepted under the Therapeutic Goods Administration regulations as safe for use in Australia, and Herbal Ignite has been a listed medicine in Australia since 2001. 

Herbal Ignite Treatment – Recommended Use

The amount of time Herbal Ignite treatment takes to varies with the individual, averaging a few days to two weeks. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

Taken according to body weight – 3 capsules a day for those under 79 kgs, 4 capsules a day for those under 99 kgs, one bottle will generally last a month or slightly less depending on weight.

The recommended “Buy 2 get 2 Free” offer – giving a total of four bottles and 360 capsules – provides treatment for three to four months for most men. (See Table of Use for full details of  dosage)

Herbal Ignite Treatment – How to Order

thousands of happy men - herbal ignite treatmentHerbal Ignite treatment has helped thousands of Aussie and Kiwi men with sexual arousal, getting better erections, and an improved sense of well-being with minimal unwanted side effects. 
Herbal Ignite treatment is manufactured in New Zealand to the highest quality in a facility which is registered, inspected and approved by Australian health regulators.
The company marketing Herbal Ignite treatment, Intenza International Pty Ltd, is a trusted herbal products supplier, having been in business since 1997 with an unblemished record of customer service and product quality.

The company has registered offices in Queensland and Herbal Ignite orders are dispatched to Australian customers from a Sydney warehouse.
Order online or through our customer service phone team on 1800 981 215 and you will receive delivery through Australia Post services in 3 to 5 days for most regions.

Order Herbal Ignite Treatment Today

Discover the benefits of Herbal Ignite treatment with horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris and avena sativa for an improved sex life today.
Order our special buy 2 get 2 free four bottles offer, enough for three or four month’s supply depending on body weight and give your body the support it needs for optimal functioning.