Gymnema For Diabetes & Obesity

ayurvedic medicine - gymnemaGymnema is a herb which suppresses sweet flavours, reducing sugar cravings, and has been used to treat diabetes in Indian herbal (Ayurvedic) medicine for two thousand years.

It is now showing very positive possibilities as a treatment for obesity, and because both diabetes and obesity are very closely associated with erectile dysfunction, it could indirectly help men experiencing erection problems as well.

Native to the tropical forests of southern India and Sri Lanka, it is now being grown commercially in Australia, where it is sold as an organic tea.  Gymnema means “sugar killer” in Sanskrit.  It is traditionally used for its suppressing effects on the taste buds, making sugar cravings less significant, thus helping to reduce appetite.  But it does much more than just trick our taste buds.

How Gymnema Works

sugar blocker - gymnemaIt’s been suggested gymnema blocks the sugar receptors on the tongue, an effect that seems to last for up to two hours.

But it also seems to lower blood sugar levels, possibly by inhibiting the absorption of glucose from the intestine into the blood stream. And on study shows it may help pancreatic cells regenerate and start producing more insulin.

Naturopaths consider gymnema to be the herbal equivalent of the mineral Chromium, which is essential for carbohydrate and fat metabolism. And chromium is a trace element which has become depleted in Australian soils due to over farming practices.  Many diabetics have low levels of chromium, which is a mineral which helps the pancreas produce insulin.

Ask the suggests using chromium and gymnema in combination to help regulate blood sugar levels, but recommends consulting your health care provider to discuss it before beginning treatment.

Research Studies On Gymnema

Scientific studies into gymnema show:

  • Gymnema improves cholesterol levels – a 2001 study showed it improved serum cholesterol and gymnematriglyceride levels in rats
  • Gymnema controls hypoglycaemia – some diabetic patients were able to go off conventional drug treatment and control their blood sugar levels with gymnema. It appeared some pancreatic cells in Type 2 diabetics were repaired using gymnema.
  • Gymnema was successful in assisting in weight loss without withdrawal rebound. Japanese researchers said it was “novel therapeutic tool for weight management.”
  • Gymnema was found to be non-toxic when used for concentrated periods.

Gymnema and Erectile Dysfunction

As more is understood about the metabolic patterns behind both diabetes and obesity it’s becoming clear they are closely related chronic conditions.

And equally, they contribute to much higher risk of erectile dysfunction. It’s a fact that diabetic men have much higher levels of erectile dysfunction than the rest of the population.

Obesity plays an important role in the development of diabetes, by decreasing the number of insulin receptors through the body. And it is now becoming clearer there is an enzymatic link between the two diseases.

diabetes - gymnemaThat’s because many of the small metabolic changes that cause diabetes and impotence also cause damage to the blood vessels and nerve endings in the penis, making it more difficult to get erections which last long enough to complete sex.

Recent research suggests gymnema may be a single phytonutrient which could be effective in treating both diabetes and obesity as it known to have a good effect for curbing of diabetes by blocking sugar binding sites and hence not allowing fat and sugar molecules to accumulate in the body – preventing obesity.

Herbal Ignite for Erectile Dysfunction

While the potential benefits of gymnema should be obvious, of course gymnema alone will not likely fix erectile dysfunction. Taking care of your general health by losing weight, eating and exercising well is a good place to start to help restore your erectile function, but in the meanwhile all-natural Herbal Ignite is ideal as a helping hand.

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