Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction exercises fall into two categories:treatment - exercises

  • Kegel exercises for better control during love making – especially effective for premature ejaculation and improving sexual technique to last longer.
  • Normal physical exercise – studies show even moderate exercise restores erections


Kegel exercises for erectile dysfunction

Men and women both have a pelvic floor muscle – the PC muscle (also known as the “love muscle”) which can be strengthened through simple exercises for better sex to increase orgasm and help men suffering from erectile dysfunction causes by not being able to last long enough.
kegel exercises - treatment -exercises
Kegel exercises are similar to the sexual control techniques for thousands of years in the Tantric sex tradition.

Full details of Kegel exercises – what they are and how to start practising them – can be found in Exercises For Better Sex

Kegel exercises are not hard to do but require regular practice to develop muscle control and so require personal discipline and commitment to see the process through.

If you gain enough strength in your PC muscle and learn to control your response when highly aroused, you can learn to have multiple orgasms by using the PC muscle like a brake just before orgasm.
When a man has mastered these exercises for better sex he experiences orgasm without ejaculation and can continue sexual activity with a medium to high state of arousal, for multiple repeats.
While Kegel exercises can greatly improve sex, and are highly beneficial for men who feel they can’t last long enough for satisfying sex, they are less effective for erectile dysfunction caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis resulting in a failure to get erections.
This more common kind of erectile dysfunction is most affected by general life style factors like weight, diet, stress, alcohol intake and – yes exercise.

Exercise To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

The good news is there are lots of scientific studies into the benefits of exercise for erectile dysfunction preventative exercise - treatments -exercisethat show men can regain good erections by reducing weight and increasing exercise levels.
Even better, exercising well before 40 seems to protect against erectile dysfunction.
And Adelaide Professor Gary Wittert, an expert in men’s health, has been leading research with diabetic men with erectile dysfunction, showing even a modest weight loss achieved thorough diet improved erectile function.  

Professor Wittert says exercise is an important component in weight loss programmes and his team is planning to integrate exercise into their next study. He said he already tells his diabetic patients to integrate a daily walk into their routine.

“When you get home,” he said, “instead of sitting down in front of the telly, take your wife by the hand and say, ‘Come, darling, let’s go for a walk.’ After a month of this, her heart will get fonder and your erection will get stronger.”