How Exercises Help ED

kegel exercises for erectile dysfunctionKegel exercises for erectile dysfunction have become a bit of a sexual health buzzword in the last few years, as men who have persevered to learn these specialised pelvic control techniques have discovered.

There’s no doubt getting better mastery of pelvic muscles can help men last longer and even have multiple orgasms without ejaculation. For men with premature ejaculation, or who just want to improve and refine their love making technique, these Kegel Exercises are pure gold.

In fact the pelvic control acquired by regularly practicising Kegel Exercises is similar to that promised in some Tantric sex – though they were developed for a very different purpose!

If you’re affected by Premature Ejaculation in particular, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a couple of good, effective exercises that you can use to help resolve the issue naturally.

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction

However, Kegel exercises are not going to be any sort of “quick fix” for erectile dysfunction caused by reduced blood flow to the penis – the type that is physically caused and usually shows up in later life.
exercise for erectile dysfunction
This more common kind of erectile dysfunction is most affected by general life style factors like weight, diet, stress,alcohol intake and – yes exercise.

And the type of exercise that benefits this type of erectile dysfunction is the good old cardio-vascular workout associated with brisk walking, cycling, swimming – or anything that gives you a regular 30 minute work out five times a week.

The good news is there are lots of scientific studies into the benefits of exercise for erectile dysfunction that show men can regain good erections by reducing weight and increasing exercise levels. Even better exercising well before 40 seems to protect against erectile dysfunction.

Adelaide Professor Gary Wittert, an expert in men’s health, is convinced exercise can help overweight men improve their erectile dysfunction. He already tells his diabetic patients to take a daily walk.

Kegel Exercises for Sexual Health

Kegel Exercises were originally developed to help with incontinence, by strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscles, (also dubbed the Love Muscle) but they can help give better ejaculatory control too.

This is achieved by stopping and starting the flow of your urine. After doing this enough times, the Pubococcygeus muscles eventually become strong enough for you to do the exercises anywhere. At this point, you’ll want to increase the exertion, now tightening the muscles and holding for ten seconds before releasing. And then the more you practice, the more ejaculatory control you will develop.

Bit of a Squeeze

bit of a squeeze - exercises for erectile dysfunctionThis exercise is similar to the withdrawal technique. It is employed during sex itself, when you feel you’re getting close to ejaculation.

The method goes like this: firstly, squeeze the penis right beneath the head, concentrating pressure on the urethra, the tube along the underside of the penis.

This temporarily re-directs bloodflow and helps delay ejaculation, by up to a minute or two. The technique can often be used successfully more than once during the same sex session.

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction?

Unfortunately, the above won’t do too much for erectile dysfunction caused by other factors; the best exercises for this are the old standbys, like jogging, cycling, swimming – good cardiovascular workouts that can improve your fitness and muscle tone, as well as making you physically nine years younger! And if that’s not a good enough reason, there’s plenty of others too:

How much exercise for erectile dysfunction is needed? Expert opinions vary, and to some extent it depends on the individual in question. 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise, 4 -5 times a week is probably about right though. Just try to find something that isn’t too much of a chore, and that you can actually stick with long term! This is probably more important than anything else.

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