Erection Sprays and Patches

ego and insecurity - erection sprays patchesErection sprays and patches reflect the overall erectile dysfunction treatment scene pretty accurately, ranging from ED solutions that are scientifically sound and effective to outrageous cons which play on men’s insecurities and make promises unlikely to be fulfilled in your wildest fantasy.

So let’s tackle the issue of erection sprays first . . .

There are three main types of erection spray:

So is it as simple as just spray away?

Penis Enlarging Sprays

money waste - erection sprays patches1. Let’s begin with penis enlarging erection sprays. The short answer: no. Just no. There is nothing on the market which can genuinely enlarge your penis.

Such penis-enlarging erection sprays are deliberately designed to simultaneously prey on male ego and insecurity. There’s much better ways to waste your money.

Erection Sprays for Premature Ejaculation

2.  Erection sprays for premature ejaculation essentially work by using a local anaesthetic to numb the penis head. The most common ingredient is Dapoxetine, and the good news is current evidence appears to suggest it will work for many men, usually delaying ejaculation by around 2 minutes.

The bad news is it’s not without side effects and can get quite expensive.

Erectile Dysfunction Sprays

3. Erectile dysfunction-treating erection sprays range from snake oil cures that supposedly give instant erections when sprayed on the penis, to pharmaceutical-based treatments taken nasally, which evidence suggests will actually work.

The most common active ingredient in these is Clomipramine, and legitimate sprays are only available on prescription from licensed medical consultants. An initial consultation is required, and on going annual costs can be reach four digits.

If you’re looking for a proven non-pharmaceutical treatment for erectile dysfunction, without the embarrassing consultations, expense and side effects, consider Herbal Ignite.

Erection Patches

Once again the range on offer here goes from the totally wild and fanciful to treatments like testosterone patches which are successful for some men who have a  their male hormone levels checked and found to be out for the count.

Penis Patches

So-called Penis Patches are just one of many products floating around that claim to add inches to your penis. And as most of us probably know by now, there’s just no product on the market that will actually enlarge your penis. If it did, with all those spam emails flying around, someone would have probably made billions by now.

Testosterone Patches

Low testosterone levels can cause erectile dysfunction at any age, and can be treated by hormone therapy delivered in a number of ways, including g by skin patches – transdermal.

You will need to be under a doctor’s care, have a standard blood test to have your testosterone levels measured and follow all your doctor’s instructions for use.

Robbie Williams - erection sprays and patchesAndroderm is the most popular transdermal patch. Singer Robbie Williams is one high profile star who has talked about getting testosterone replacement therapy, although his was by injections rather than patches.

If that all seems too complicated, you could consider  taking an ED supplement like Herbal Ignite containing tribulus terrestris, a herb which European trials have shown raises testosterone levels naturally if taken daily for two to three months.