Erection Spray Treatment for ED & PE

spray treatment - erection sprays and patchesErection spray treatment is one option for men seeking solutions for either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. The key to success is ensuring the spray contains a tested pharmaceutical, and to obtain that kind of erection spray treatment you will need to see your doctor and get a prescription.

Most of the effective erection sprays for premature ejaculation rely on pharmaceutical ingredients originally used in anaesthetics.

If they claim to be herbal and yet they still work, they will probably be adulterated with pharmaceutical ingredients and are potentially dangerous. Confine yourself to erection sprays that clearly declare their formulation and are from a trusted provider.

Types of Erection Spray Treatment

There are three main types of erection spray treatment available for:

  • Penis enlargementthree sprays - erection sprays patches
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction

And while there are erection spray treatments for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction there is no spray that will enlarge your penis, no matter what amazing claims are made for the product.

Erectile dysfunction sprays and premature ejaculation sprays containing Dapoxetine or Clomipramine – taken as an erectile dysfunction nasal spray – are effective treatments for many men. However you require a doctor’s prescription and costs may be quite high – into four figures.

Erection Patches

Erection patches for treatment of erectile dysfunction once again range from the complete con to the fantasy - erection sprays and patchesscientifically proven.

Let us reiterate – there is nothing like a so-called penis patch to enlarge your penis that is anything except an elaborate fantasy.

But testosterone patches to boost testosterone levels are a proven treatment for erectile dysfunction and are increasingly prescribed for Australian men.  Under certain guidelines testosterone patches are available under the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme.