Effective Erection Sprays

anaesthestics - erection sprayTo be effective, erection sprays rely on various pharmaceutical ingredients, originally used as anaesthetics. This is true for both premature ejaculation sprays (to delay climaxing) and erectile dysfunction sprays (to strengthen erections).

Unless they contain pharmaceutical medications, it is very unlikely erection sprays will work, no matter what they promise.

If they claim to be totally herbal, and they work, they probably contain undeclared amounts of an anaesthetic. They may be potentially dangerous because you don’t know what the spray contains or at what concentration.

We advise sticking to products which clearly state the formula on the container.

Erection Sprays for Premature Ejaculation

Some men who suffer from premature ejaculation – generally defined as lasting less than one minute – report hypersensitivity on some parts of the penis.

For these men an erection spray containing an anaesthetic which effectively numbs penile response can be of help.

Erection sprays like Boots Pharmaceutical Premjact Desensitizing Spray are available for general over the counter purchase in the UK and may be available through some sexual health websites in Australia.

Premjact contains 9.6 per cent lidocaine, a local anaesthetic which reduces skin sensitivity, and the manufacturer claims that three to eight sprays applied to the penis five to 15 minutes before intercourse can help prolong the time taken to reach climax.

To ensure you are not allergic to the spray, medics suggest spraying it on your arm before you spray your penis to check for reactions.

But a consultant nurse at a UK hospital’s urology department says its “definitely one of the better options for premature ejaculation.”

Says Wendy Hurn at the Bristol Royal Infirmary: “The spray’s effects will last between five and 20 minutes. You do need quite a lot — nearer the eight than three sprays, in my opinion, to achieve the level of numbness required.”

According to Sexual Health Australia, if you then use a condom too, you’ll lose a little bit more friction and the anaesthetic spray won’t rub off on your partner. Alternatively, buy a condom with anaesthetic already in it. Durex Performa is one, although may end up uncomfortably numb.

Another option available on an adults only Australian website is Stud100 which has the same amount of lidocaine as the Boots product, which claims to be quick-acting, safe and effective erection spray. You do not need a prescription for either of these products.

Erection Sprays for Erectile Dysfunctionerection sprays for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction-treating erection sprays range from snake oil cures that supposedly give instant erections when sprayed on the penis, to pharmaceutical-based treatments taken nasally, which evidence suggests will actually work.

The most common active ingredient in these is Clomipramine, and legitimate sprays are only available on prescription from licensed medical consultants. An initial consultation is required, and on-going annual costs can be reach four digits.

Herbal Ignite for Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re looking for a proven non-pharmaceutical treatment for erectile dysfunction, without the embarrassing consultations, expense and side effects, consider all-natural Herbal Ignite capsules.