What Erectile Dysfunction Supplements Do

Wondering about the supplements for erectile dysfunction available, but feeling a little lost? Here we provide a good place to start: a brief outline of what they are, what they do, and what to look out for. Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction supplements are carefully assembled formulas designed to treat the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction supplements are like any other supplements typical of health food shops: they contain all-natural, usually herbal ingredients, and are totally free of drugs. Unlike drugs, which take effect quickly and wear-off quickly, natural erectile dysfunction supplements must be taken daily and may take a few weeks to kick in. On the plus side their effects tend to last longer after the course is completed, in some cases six months to a year.

Commonly Used ED Supplement Ingredients

While erectile dysfunction formulas do vary, there’s a few specific herbal ingredients that tend to pop in most of them. gingko - erectile dysfunction supplements Gingko ED Supplement: Gingko is a common ingredient in supplements for treating erectile dysfunction, particularly if the ED is a side effect of anti-depressant medications. It appears to relax smooth muscle tissue and enhance genital bloodflow. Research results on its effectiveness are ambivalent, with some finding statistically significant differences from gingko usage, and others finding it no more effective than placebos. Horny Goat Weed ED Supplement: As the name suggests, this herb was reported to have been discovered by a Chinese goat-herder, who noticed interesting behaviour amongst his goats after eating the stuff. Horny goat weed works to increase sex drive and genital bloodflow, amongst other good things. Yohimbe Ed Supplement: While the active compound is actually called Yohimbine, the commonly used name is the African tree it comes from, the yohimbe. It has been found to increase penile bloodflow, libido, and decrease the refractory period between ejaculation. Use of yohimbe is controversial however, due to side effects all the way from dizziness, anxiety, fatigue and nausea, to abdominal pain, hallucinations, severe blood-pressure drops and even paralysis. Many experts consider yohimbe dangerous, and it is currently not approved by the TGA and is illegal in Australia. Tribulus Terrestris ED Supplement:  Tribulus terrestris is one of the most perennially popular herbs in erectile dysfunction supplements, thanks to its fantastic natural testosterone-boosting effect.

Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

low testosterone - ED supplementsFor many men, the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is the reduction in testosterone goes along with simple aging. Testosterone is of course critical to good erectile function as well as other vital body functions. If you suspect that low testosterone levels may be a causal factor for you, it’s probably a good idea to check that any erectile dysfunction supplements you are considering contain decent levels of tribulus terrestris.

Why Aussie Men Prefer Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

There are several reasons many Aussie men prefer erectile dysfunction supplements to ED drugs, such as Viagra or Cialis. Men are increasingly wary of the potential side effects of drugs, and issues with interactions with existing medications or medical conditions. Aussie men also tend to feel that an all-natural, herbal remedy is generally better for the body, better for overall health. This is especially true when it comes to sexual function. There is also a growing sentiment that drugs only mask the symptoms, rather than dealing with the underlying causes. Public awareness of the benefits of a more holistic treatment approach are growing. New Australian research from Deakin University in Melbourne also suggests men new aussie research - erectile dysfunction supplements eventually become dissatisfied with ED drugs. Researcher Dr Hayley Matic believes this is because they increasingly recognise that that good sexual function is about more than just erections, that psychological and relational factors are also important. And unfortunately there’s no drug to fix that!

Herbal Ignite – Erectile Dysfunction Supplement

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