Erectile Dysfunction Nasal Sprayerectile dysfunction nasal spray

The good news about nasal sprays for erectile dysfunction?  They do at least seem to work.

How Erectile Dysfunction Nasal Sprays Work

Different manufacturers’ nasal sprays work in slightly different ways, but they generally have a few key features in common. Most contain a mixture of pharmaceutical drugs and natural herbal extracts. The anti-depressant Clomipramine is a common ingredient, particularly with sprays that also claim to treat Premature Ejaculation.

expensive - erectile dysfunction nasal sprayIn most cases it’s difficult to get precise information on costs, but investigative journalism has revealed the cheaper end of the scale generally starts at around $1500 per annum. Big name clinics’ sprays tend to exceed this price-tag significantly, however.

Erectile dysfunction nasal sprays are generally non-invasive and are usually successful as Erectile Dysfunction treatments. However, as they contain pharmaceutical drugs, the only safe way to obtain one is via a face to face consultation with a medical professional, you will need a prescription, and they aren’t particularly cheap. They require uses to take regular doses throughout the day, and then also immediately preceding sex—which can put a bit of a cramp on spontaneity, as given the price you wouldn’t exactly want to waste the stuff!

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