Do You Need Erectile Dysfunction Help?

vodkaYou’ve noticed erections don’t come as strongly as they used to and you’ve decided you want some erectile dysfunction help.
You might find it’s not a problem all the time, but just occasionally, when you’re extra tired or you’ve been a bit too enthusiastic with the alcohol consumption you admit you could use some erectile dysfunction help.

And it’s happening frequently enough to have become a nuisance so you’d like to see what erectile dysfunction help options there might be out there.


Preferred Erectile Dysfunction Help

tabletsIt’s now well recognised by Australian as well as international researchers that erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a common issue for many men over 50. A South Australian study* showed 60 is the “tipping point” age for men to acknowledge yes, they might need erectile dysfunction help.


And the need for erection treatments isn’t going to fade away any time soon, because the Australian male population is ageing. By 2021, there will be nearly 2 million more men aged over 65 than there are today.
Most men when asked what sort of erectile dysfunction help they want, say they want something that is as natural and spontaneous, as close to the “real thing” as possible.
That’s where herbal supplements, if they are effective, can have the most success, because taking them is like taking a vitamin or mineral pill; you don’t have the feeling you “have to take a pill to perform.”

Types of ED Help Available

Alongside some of the older erectile dysfunction treatments – like penis pumps and erectile injections – which are still a workable solution for some men, there is a wide range of new erectile dysfunction help available:

All are proof of just how much erectile dysfunction help has changed in the last 20 years.

Herbal Ignite as ED Help

Herbal Ignite is an herbal treatment to help erectile dysfunction which has been successfully marketed to thousands of men in Australia and New Zealand since 1998. It contains three herbs recognised as effective for treating ED; tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed and avena sativa. It is taken daily for two to three months for the best results.

Invasive Erectile Dysfunction Help

Invasive treatments – penile implants, penile injections and penis pumps for example –rate lower in terms of desirability than less invasive treatments like erection drugs, testosterone patches or herbal supplements.
invasive surgery - erectile dysfunction help
Penile implants or vascular surgery both involve operations on the penis and  carry a high level of risk; penile stents are a new area of surgery which may be promising in the future but is still being researched, is likely to be expensive  and  is not widely available.

Penis pumps involve fitting a rubber ring over the penis and using a vacuum pump, tricky to use and invasive of the intimacy of the sexual encounter. And while some men find success with erectile dysfunction injections, available in a range of brand name products, they are also invasive and can have unpleasant side effects.

Erection Creams, Gels and Oils for ED Help

Many website advertise erection creams, gels and oils, which are applied directly to the penis.

The most common ingredient in these creams is an African herb yohimbe, which is not approved as a listed herb in the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Act, and so cannot legally be included in erection creams sold within Australia because of unwanted side effects associated with the herb.

Some may contain L-arginine, which may be effective in the right formulation.

Erection Sprays and Patches for ED Help

Erection sprays which contain pharmaceutical ingredients can work for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction; you will need to see a doctor for a prescription and they can be expensive.

However other more general sprays without pharmaceutical content are unlikely to make any difference. Sprays which promise penis enlargement are preying on the gullible, as are penis patches which promise treatment through the skin.

Testosterone Therapy for ED Help

testosterone levels - erectile dysfunction helpTestosterone therapy – which can be delivered in a number of different ways – capsules, injections, creams or patches – can be beneficial for men with very low testosterone levels. You will need to see you doctor and go on a monitored programme to track testosterone levels under treatment.

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction can offer benefits for premature ejaculation, and to learn control to last longer, but there is little to support the idea you can improve erectile dysfunction with pelvic treatments like Kegel exercises.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs for ED Help

Erectile dysfunction drugs have changed the whole field of ED treatment. The men who are now living through middle age and into old age are able to call on the “big three,” Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, known as PDE 5 inhibiting drugs.

Two new ED drugs, Udenafil (brand name Zydena) and Avanafil (brand name Stendra) claim to have advantages by either working faster or having fewer side effects than the older established ones.

Erectile Dysfunction Counselling

Aussie men aren’t known for being open minded when it comes to seeking help for erectile dysfunction. Aussie sex therapist Bettina Ardnt whose research for the book  What Men Want – in Bed got her dubbed the “patron saint of men”  says ED is “the health issue powerful men won’t talk about.”

For both men and women, sex is about more than mechanical functioning.  Emotional and mental health issues like stress, relationship problems, or depression all play a major part in reducing sex drive and causing erectile dysfunction.

Although many men may regard a counselling session as about as welcome as an impacted wisdom tooth,  you might be surprised at how much better you feel if you give yourself the chance to talk about what is bugging you with an experienced sex therapist like Sydney  sex expert Dr Rosie King author of Good Loving, Great Sex.

Herbal Ignite for Erectile Dysfunction Help

Herbal Ignite has been used successfully for erectile dysfunction help ever since it was launched in Australia and New Zealand more than a decade ago. Suitable for both men and women, Herbal Ignite is taken as a dietary supplement daily and works in multiple ways not just to provide better erections but to also lift libido and energy levels and improve immunity.

Why not try some today?

* Pinnock CB, Stapleton AMF, Marshall VR. Erectile dysfunction in the community: a prevalence study. Med J Aust 1999; 171: 353-357.