A degree of reduced erectile function is quite common following prostatectomy. So you’re certainly not alone.


How can Prostatectomy Cause ED?

Often, as a normal part of the Prostatectomy procedure, nerves that control bloodflow in and out of the penis may be cut, damaged, or removed completely.

This is an unfortunate consequence of removing the prostate gland.

These nerves however are in no way involved with the experience of sensation in the penis, and do not affect orgasm quantity and quality. Only erectile rigidity is affected.

Other consequences of Prostatectomy may include penile curvature, reduction in length, and loss of ejaculate fluid.

Don’t Lose It, Use It

Conventional wisdom, post-prostatectomy, has been to wait for erectile dysfunction to cure itself, as nerve damage heals over time. Usually, the time frame for this is about 18-24mths.

A new review from Harvard Medical School suggests that this may be bad advice however. The review suggests that in the one and a half to two years it can take for unassisted erectile dysfunction to return, penis tissue may be damaged, due to deprivation of oxygenated blood for so long.

Rehab for Erections

The solution? Erection Rehabilitation.

Erection rehab basically involves using a variety of techniques to encourage or enhance erectile function as soon as possible, post-op, in order to reduce any long term damage that might otherwise occur.

Some of the typical treatments are vacuum constriction devices, ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis, or even new forms of erectile dysfunction drugs that are injected straight into penile tissue.

As this technique is relatively new, there isn’t too much research data around yet on how well it works. Given what’s at stake though, it’s probably well worth discussing this with your doctor or prostate health specialist! It could have a huge impact on your love life a couple of years down the track.

Herbal Help

A great natural way to improve erectile function is Herbal Ignite. Amongst other herbs, Herbal Ignite contains Avena Sativa, which can help improve nerve function and speed up recovery of any nerve damage post-prostatectomy. In addition, Ignite will boost sex drive and promote your body to produce more of its own natural Testosterone, a hormone vital to sexual function. What do you have to lose?