Erectile Dysfunction Is Common

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction you’ll be:

  • Having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection
  • That’s long and strong enough
  • To satisfactorily complete sex

 Erectile dysfunction (ED for short) is common for Aussie men over 50, but you’d never know it, because many men pass the buck on erectile problems.
 “Not me – my mate has the problem.”  Erectile dysfunction? Not me!
After all, that “dysfunction” label makes ED sound like a “death knell” – the end of your sex life – when really ED is a predictable and treatable result of aging that’s usually easily fixed with a range of erectile dysfunction cure

Erectile Dysfunction – Use It Or Lose It

Taking charge when you first notice you’re having erectile dysfunction symptoms yields big benefits, because medical research shows:

  • Getting an erection is like keeping arthritic joints mobile
  • You “use it or lose it”

 In other words:

  • If you ignore your “dysfunction”
  • If you make excuses for sexual non-performance – “just had too many beers”
  • It will be harder to get hard again

Many ED Treatment Options

The good news is there’s never been a better time to be a man over 50.

Erectile dysfunction treatable

There are many erectile dysfunction treatments available:

Mechanical ED treatments: 
o    Erectile injections
o    Penile surgery
o    Vacuum pumps

Men Value Sexual Spontaneity

Finding the answer to your erectile dysfunction depends on your level of sexual health.Research shows:
  • Spontaneity is important to many men
  • More invasive treatments that require more pre-sex planning (like pumps and injections)
  • Are not as popular
 Research into why men give up Viagra showed the recommended use – taken up to an hour ahead of sex and preferably not after a fatty meal – put men off.ED drugs - sex by appointmentYou take the pill and by the time you’re ready for sex, your partner’s fallen asleep.
(Some of the newer ED drugs have more flexible guidelines for use – they work faster and can be taken with alcohol.)

The Herbal Ignite Difference

 Herbal pills provide erectile dysfunction solutionHerbal supplements like Herbal Ignite offer the advantage of restoring spontaneity because they’re like a daily tonic that’s taken regardless of sexual activity.You don’t have to think about “popping a pill to perform.”
(The down side is herbal erectile dysfunction treatments don’t work within hours. You usually need to be taking them for a few days before you notice any difference in erection strength.)

Erectile Dysfunction Affects Health

Keeping sexually active is a good indicator of overall physical and emotional health – studies show sexually active men live longer – and the opposite also applies.Erectile dysfunction is like the canary in the mine, warning of possible future health problems like diabetes or cardio vascular disease.Good erections:
  • Require strong blood flow to the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of poor blood flow to tiny penile capillaries
  • Left untreated ED will affect larger blood vessels within three years
Australian research strongly recommends men getting erectile dysfunction issues checked out at the first sign of dysfunction.Thinking that:
  • Your erections are weaker so “it’s all over”
  • May have been true 30 years ago
  • Is not true now

What You Can Do About ED

We hope you’ve taken on board what research shows:
  • Maintaining an active sex life is good for your health and quality of life
  • Ignoring erectile dysfunction problems is a predictor of future health problems and relationship strife
There are a wide range of erectile treatments available, so whatever your dysfunction issue it is likely there is a treatment which can restore your erections and give you a new lease of life.The range of options is growing daily. Whether it’s:
  • A change in the way you live – dealing with stress or depression, getting more exercise or sleep
  • Oral treatments like the ED drugs or Herbal Ignite
  • Or seeking specialist care with penile pumps, injections or stents
It’s likely something is available to give you stronger erections.

Herbal Ignite for ED

  • natural alternative
  • Without unpleasant side effects like bad headaches
 For nearly 15 years, Herbal Ignite has been used successfully by thousands of men in Australia for better erections and improved sexual health. Herbal Ignite is an Australian company and the herbs are approved under the Therapeutics Goods Act for use in Australia.Call us on Freephone 1800 981 215 to find out more about Herbal Ignite or order online.