Erectile Dysfunction Drug Treatment

magic solution - treatments - drugsErectile dysfunction drugs have changed the sex lives of millions of men who can now confidently expect to continue active sex well into their 70s and 80s if they desire.

However, drugs like Viagra are not a “magic solution” for all erectile dysfunction, and they have also raised the expectations of millions more men who paradoxically cannot use erectile drug treatments, particularly diabetics and those who have had radical prostatectomy following prostate cancer.

Erectile dysfunction drugs won’t work:

  • For 25 to 30 per cent of the men who take them
  • Won’t help sexual arousal so if low libido (lack of sex drive) is part of the problem they will not assist. However Sydney sex therapist Matty Silver says erectile drugs will sometimes help a man whose sexual performance is affected by work or relational stress to gain enough confidence to overcome the problem.
  • If low testosterone is part of the problem  – although studies show that when the testosterone level is restored erection drugs will then work

Often the first time of use a drug like Viagra may not be successful, but it is worth continuing use for up to eight times before giving up on it.
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But even that is not the full story. True sexual health requires closeness and intimacy to satisfy the female partner and many couples have found erectile drugs focus the sexual act simply on erections, reducing spontaneity and also impairing the women’s sexual satisfaction.

Couples & Viagra

The impact a drug like Viagra can have on a relationship is shown in a comment made to Sydney sex therapist and author Bettina Ardnt in interviews she did for her book What Men Want in Bed.   Wives complained their husbands were better lover when his erectile function waned as they were willing to spend more time in foreplay because they took longer to get aroused.  Once Viagra was available it was back to “wham bam thank you Mam.”

For this reason, even when the erectile drug is successful, many couples don’t continue using it because of the pressure of feeling they have to have “sex by appointment” or sex on a time table.
couples and viagra - treatments - drugs
This is underlined by Australian research which shows erectile dysfunction drugs are not the whole solution for many couples, because even though they may produce an erection, the couples do not continue to use them.  The research concluded they “may bring back sexual function without bringing back sexual health.”

Erection Drugs Promote Blood to Penis

Erectile dysfunction drugs work through PDE 5 inhibitors involving one mechanism – promoting blood supply to the penis – and so any ED caused by other sources will be unaffected.  Two very common sources of erectile problems – high stress levels and low testosterone – are not treated by erectile drugs like Cialis, Levitra and erection drugs
Two newer PDE 5 inhibitor drugs – Avanafil and Udenafil – work in the same way – by promoting bloodflow – as the older more established pharmaceuticals.

Herbal Ignite

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