Avena sativa is a popular ingredient in sexual enhancement supplements, with the evidence to support its benefits for successfully treating erectile dysfunction based on traditional use rather than clinical trials.

Also known as oat straw, Avena Sativa is one of the ingredients in the popular men’s supplement Herbal Ignite, which has helped tens of thousands of men with erection problems.

Avena is used in sexual health remedies because of historic claims that it unbinds bound testosterone, making more testosterone available to enter cells. Bound testosterone is believed to increase as men age, making less of this important male hormone bio-available.

A European study quoted in Phyllis Balch’s Prescription for Herbal Healing claimed that an extract of nettle root (Urtica dioica) combined with oat straw extract increases the availability of free-form testosterone by an average of 105 per cent.

Oat straw also has benefits for heart and circulation, weight loss and stress relief. As 95 per cent of erectile dysfunction is related to physical causes – usually reduced penile blood flow or stress-related low sex drive – oat straw’s positive metabolic action for general health may play an important underlying role in improving sexual function.

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