Penis Extenders: Do They Actually Work?

medieval penis extendersSo: what’s a penis extender? Basically any sort of treatment that claims to lengthen your penis, typically some sort of medieval-torture-device-looking-contraption.

Of course the issue of men’s sexual performance has never been more prominent in media than it is now, with dozens of men’s magazines regularly treating with the subject, not always accurately unfortunately.  It’s no wonder that interest in penis extenders has increased recently.

Most men’s health specialists and urologists will tell you that there isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t like to add an extra inch or two if they could, no matter what they tell you publicly. But the truth is that most penis extenders simply don’t work, and often can do a fair bit of damage in the process. Just ask yourself—if some canny tycoon had invented a bona fide penis extender, wouldn’t you expect them to be public billionaires? Several times over?

Types of Penis Extenders  – Traction Devices

If you’re a little uncomfortable with the term ‘traction device’ used in conjunction with ‘penis extender’, pulleys - penis extendersyou’re well within your rights to be. Basically, a system of weights, pulleys, and strings are used to… erm… yank the penis, and thus in theory hopefully extend it. Unfortunately most are total hokum. 

The one device that does apparently get legitimate results is the andromedical andropenis. However the device comes with the hefty price-tag of AU$299, and its penis extending results are a little underwhelming, to say the least. The device needs to be used for six to nine months, for a whopping three to nine hours a day, and for all your efforts here the expected outcome is a measly 3-4 cm extra length.

Type of Penis Extenders – Pumps

This is probably the category you tend to see floating about the most, usually with highly amusing names. Unfortunately, the use of penis pumps as penis extenders is a bit of a misnomer. While they can help engorge an erection, the results are not permanent. In a nutshell they really only function to improve erectile quality, and are thus better suited as an erectile dysfunction treatment than penis enlargement per se.

Types of Penis Extenders – Penis Yoga

penis extenders - yogaAlso known as ‘jelqing’, this technique basically is trying to stretch the blood vessels in your erection with a series of penile choke-holds and wrenching.

There’s no scientific evidence so-called jelqing works, and there’s a host of nasty side effects to be wary of, including a burst penile blood vessel and even erectile dysfunction, sometimes permanent. There’s a whole host of penis problems out there, no need to inflict them on yourself!

Types of Penis Extenders – Surgery

This is probably the sole penis extender technique that has any scientific credibility whatsoever behind it.
Penis enlargement surgery, or phalloplasty, is probably the only genuinely effective penis extender method. It’s also far and away the most expensive, painful and invasive (it involves having a knife taken to your penis, after all).

The procedure involves actually cutting and severing penile ligaments in order to make the penis stick out a bit further from the body. Given all the above, only those truly suffering mentally from the perception of their penis size should apply. Be warned too that this penis extender method has a high dissatisfaction rate post-op.

Types of Penis Extenders – Creams

cream - penis extendersWhen it comes to penis enlarging creams, scepticism is probably the best policy. None of the scientific claims can be backed up, and even if the creams did provide a short term length boost (and it’s highly doubtful they do even this), effects would wear off in short order.

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