Nasal sprays for erectile dysfunction are effective if you are suffering from premature ejaculation.
That’s because most of them contain anti-depressants like Clomipramine which reduce penile sensitivity – of benefit to men who climax too quickly, but also likely to cause delayed orgasm and  reduced sex drive for men who are not suffering from PE.

The idea of administering drugs through the nose is not new, with migraine drug Imitrex already being delivered this way. Drugs are quickly absorbed through the linings of the nasal passages and may enter the bloodstream even faster than drugs administered as pills.

New Spray Developments

Nasal sprays which are effective for erectile dysfunction caused by reduced blood flow to the penis common with age are not yet developed or approved for general use.

These sprays will need to contain ingredients which increase blood flow to the penis while not causing other cardiac problems, or act on brain receptors stimulating the central nervous system. No nasal sprays have been clinically proven or approved for erectile dysfunction involving difficulty in getting erections.

PT-141, (Bremalanotide) was one drug which worked on brain receptors which seemed to show promise, but has been withdrawn from testing after human trials showed blood pressure related side effects made it unsuitable for widespread use.

And a nasal spray containing a Parkinson’s Disease drug apomorphine is also sold through sex clinics, although it has not been proven to be effective for erectile dysfunction and under the brand name Uprima was withdrawn from European sales because of limited efficacy and side effects like nausea, vomiting and fainting.

High Pressure Sales

The promise that erectile dysfunction nasal spray will offer an easy quick answer to erectile dysfunction has been used as a marketing ploy by high pressure sex clinics to attract men who are unlikely to benefit from the spray technology, who are then offered other more invasive and expensive treatments.

Men with erectile dysfunction are better advised to seek other answers in erectile dysfunction treatment, like oral drugs or erectile supplements like Herbal Ignite.