Stress is a common unidentified cause of erectile dysfunction in men, impacting on sexual health in five key ways:

  • Restricting blood flow
  • Reducing testosterone levels
  • Lowering sex drive
  • Decreasing self-confidence and joy of life
  • Side effects of prescribed medications

Sydney sex doctor Dr Rosie King notes in her manual on erectile dysfunction for doctors that men who re highly stressed should be reassured that NOT getting an erection in these circumstances is normal and should not be labelled as “dysfunction”.

How Stress Shuts Down Erections

Anxiety originating from psychological and emotional stress has a direct impact on blood flow because

  • Adrenalin floods the body and a “fight or flight” response is triggered
  • Automatically the body withdraws blood from extremities to safeguard blood supply to essential organs like heart and lungs
  • Adrenalin response shuts down penile blood vessels
  • And stops erections

How Adrenalin Affects Erections

Once adrenalin is flowing:

  • You won’t maintain the erotic impulse needed to set the sexual impulse in motion
  • Blood is conserved for brain and heart, keeping you on high danger alert
  • The bio mechanism for “fight or flight” is set up – you are in survival mode
  • The brain chemicals needed for an erection will not be triggered
  • Biologically you are not meant to be aroused when in this state

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