Boost Libido Popular Wish

donkey - boost libidoPeople wanting to boost libido look in the strangest places, even to feral Northern Territory donkeys. According to a Darwin newspaper a Hong Kong company wants a million donkeys a year for a Chinese medicine to boost libido.

Many men and women face the question of how to boost their libido as the “normal demands” of daily life drain them of the strong sex drive that came naturally in their twenties.

And yes, the feeling they need to boost libido is experienced by Australian men nearly as much as Australian women.

Australians Want to Boost Libido

Sexologist Elaine George from Sexology Australia says she commonly sees men who need to boost libido and other sex therapists say 25 to 40 per cent of men complain they need to boost libido.

One study of Australian sexual health  and relationships showed 50 per cent of women aged 29 to 59 and 60 per cent of women aged 30 to 39 felt they needed a to boost libido.Lance Armstrong - boost libido

Some well-known sportsmen, including seven times Tour de France winning cyclist Lance Armstrong have spoken publicly about suffering from low libido.

Reasons for Boosting Libido

A man’s and a woman’s reasons for feeling like they need a boost for their libido may be caused by different physical and emotional drivers.

A man’s sex drive is more physically rooted, and a man may need to boost libido because of health issues like:

  • stress
  • depression
  • side effects of medication
  • physical illness

A woman’s libido is of course also affected by these factors, but she is also more likely to need to boost libido if her relationship is unsatisfying or her mood is on a downer.  Sydney sex therapist Dr Rosie King says everything that happens in a woman’s day affects her sex drive.

Libido and ED Different

Low libido – not wanting sex – is different from erectile dysfunction – not being able to get an erection sufficient to complete sex.  Complaints about the need to boost libido are the second most common sexual problem for men after premature ejaculation.

Ways to Boost Libido

boost libidoThere are a variety of very effective ways to boost libido, from balancing hormones to herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite, from life style changes to personal lubricants (the so-called sex lubes) to overcome vaginal dryness.  A comprehensive summary of some of the options available to boost libido can be found at Libido Booster.

If you are keen to get even more information, you may be interested in our Women’s E-Book Boosting Female Libido Naturally which goes into much more detail about how to boost women’s libido.