Avena Sativa as a Sex Enhancer

Avena Sativa is wild oats – but not the seedy part of “rolled oats” that you have in your porridge. The part of the plant used as a natural aphrodisiac is the green tips of growing shoots, which helps improve sex for both men and women.

Firstly avena sativa seems to “unbind” bound testosterone – the male sex hormone

avena sativa - quit smoking

which often becomes locked up and unavailable as men age, resulting in erection difficulties and an enlarged prostate.
And because it has been long recognised in traditional medicine as an effective nerve tonic, avena sativa is used to help people get over nicotine addiction, so its calming relaxing influence helps enhance women’s sexual responses.Avena sativa is one of those traditional sex stimulants known for hundreds of years, and was referenced in the official German Pharmacopoeia two hundred years ago. And even today it turns up in the most surprising places.

Osama Bin Laden and Avena Sativa

In May 2011 it was reported that avena sativa syrup was found in the Osama Osama bin Laden - avena sativaBin Laden compound, prompting some to speculate that Bin Laden – who was reported in 2012 to be living there with two highly competitive wives, one older, one younger – was using it as a natural aphrodisiac.

The sexual boost the herb gives is reflected in the common phrase “he’s sowing his wild oats” – in other words having a great love life.

While some claim avena sativa is like a “natural Viagra”, it works best as a natural sex enhancer when used in combination with stronger sex herbs like:

  • horny goat weed
  • and tribulus terrestris
  • In particular, avena sativa seems to have a beneficial synergy with tribulus terrestris, with both having an effect on testosterone levels

How Avena Sativa Works

Like most herbal remedies, the many active ingredients in avena sativa allow it to work in multiple ways to enhance sexual as well as psychological health.

In particular avena sativa:

  • Frees up “bound testosterone”, with positive side effects on sex drive and prostate health
  • Enhances mood, remedies exhaustion, reduces stress, relieves burnout
  • Helps with nicotine addiction when giving up smoking
  • Eases vaginal dryness
  • Increases blood flow to the genitals by relaxing blood vessels, resulting in better erections and orgasms

Avena Sativa Sex Research

sex study - avena sativaStudies at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality backed up avena sativa’s claims as an effective herb for sex enhancement, but the results were never published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The research involved both men and women, from their early 20s to their 60s, who had issues they wanted to find solutions for problems ranging from low desire to inability to get an erection. Participants took a 300mg capsule of avena sativa thrice-weekly for six weeks.

A follow up study showed men on the avena sativa treatment experienced:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Enhanced erections
  • And more pleasure during sex

And women on the avena sativa treatment experienced:

  • Increased genital sensation
  • And a nearly 30 per cent increase in reaching orgasm

Is Avena Sativa Safe?

Traditional use and modern studies have indicated no adverse effects from using avena sativa as a dietary supplement. Discover the benefits of Avena Sativa for yourself in all-natural Herbal Ignite, the love-life boosting supplement that’s now restored passion for countless couples. Try our fantastic buy 2 get 2 free deal today!