Avena sativa is a herb used in traditional medicine going back hundreds of years. Also known as “wild oats”, the part of the plant used in herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite is not the seed heads (used in porridge as rolled oats) but shoots or leaves, known as oat straw.
Most of the claims made for avena sativa’s benefits for sexual health rely on anecdotal evidence, although trials comparing it with a placebo in the 1980s at the Institute for Advanced Sexuality in San Francisco claimed to show it increased sexual response in men and women.
Avena Sativa and Herbal Ignite
It is thought to be beneficial in releasing “bound testosterone” in the system as well as restoring hormonal balance and reliving stress.
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Herbal Ignite is a trusted herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction which has been marketed in Australia and New Zealand for 15 years which includes avena sativa in its formula.
Avena Sativa – Frequently Asked Questions
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