Avena Sativa Treatment

Avena Sativa for Erectile Dysfunction

traditional wisdom - avena sativaAvena Sativa is one of those traditional herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction that relies on anecdotal evidence and centuries of use rather than clinical trials for its claims of effectiveness.

One of the ingredients in the Herbal Ignite erectile dysfunction supplement, it’s been used successfully by thousands of Australian and New Zealand men for erection problems for more than a decade.

Phyllis A. Balch, certified nutritional consultant and author of the book Prescription for Herbal Healing, claims that avena sativa increases male and female sexual desire,pleasure and performance by unbinding the sex hormone testosterone.

A scientific review published in the January-February 2011 issue of Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica lists avena sativa as a well-known botanical aphrodisiac for males.

The only modern trials of avena sativa were at the Institute for Advanced Sexuality in San Francisco in the 1980s, which claimed avena sativa enhanced sexual response and performance for both men and women. However the trial results have never been published in a peer reviewed journal.

Avena Sativa Reduces Physical Causes of ED wild oats - avena sativa

Also known as “wild oats” – the phrase “sowing wild oats” seems to refer to obvious sexual activity – avena sativa has benefits for many of the physical systems in the body which affect a man’s readiness to have an erection and a woman’s ability to respond.

They include its proven benefits for heart health and good circulation, in particular in:

and also as a recognised tonic for the nervous system able to relieve stress and anxiety.

As most erectile dysfunction (around 90 per cent) has physical causes – most commonly low testosterone as the result of stress and anxiety, or poor blood supply to the penis – avena sativa’s benefits in these two areas may explain why it boosts men’s and women’s sexual health.

Avena sativa is not only a rich source of carbohydrates, soluble fibre, and Vitamin B it also has the highest content of Iron, Zinc and Manganese of any grain. In addition avena sativa contains indole alkaloids which have been shown to relax smooth muscle and are both sedative and soothing to the brain and nervous system.

Avena Sativa for Stress & Burn-Out

Avena sativa helps improve mood and a sense of swell being by reducing stress and boosting energy, improving quality of sleep and ability to concentrate.
burnout - avena sativa
One of the primary uses for avena sativa in traditional medicine is to ease nervous exhaustion and help with withdrawal from nicotine and other drugs – opiates or Ritalin.

Charles W. Kane, herbalist and author of the book Herbal Medicine Trends and Traditions says that avena sativa eases nervous exhaustion due to stress and physical work. Kane adds that wild oats also appear to reduce anxiety resulting from alcohol, nicotine and opiate withdrawal.

Other studies have shown severe stress and poor quality of sleep both contribute toerectile dysfunction by impacting on testosterone levels.

Avena Sativa in Herbal Ignite

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