Does Acupuncture for ED work?

Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction. Yes, we know exactly what you’re thinking:  where do they stick those needles, exactly?

Because those things look kind of sharp… and needle-ey.But no. Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction is a strictly no-penis-needles affair: needles usually instead are placed at specific points on your lower stomach, or back, as with standard acupunctural procedure.

Some Men Benefit from Acupuncture for ED

You might assume this would fall into the same category as many alternative treatments, where it’s difficult to tell if results are actually due to treatment or else simple placebo effect.

But there is actual research available on the topic. A case study conducted on a single man found that over six weeks acupuncture for erectile dysfunction works for some men? - acupuncture for erectile dysfunctionassisted him to the point where he no longer needed to take Sildenafil, the active drug ingredient in Viagra.

Other studies have been slightly less optimistic however, finding that post-acupuncture treatment, only two-thirds of participants considered themselves cured. The remaining third were prescribed Viagra instead.

Acupuncture for ED for Psychological Causes

psychological causes - acupuncture for erectile dysfunctionSo what does this mean? It’s thought that acupuncture for erectile dysfunction largely works on the psychological or emotional causes. While for some men this sort of intervention may be enough to make a difference, for others something that affects the physical causes of erectile dysfunction too might be in order.

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