Assessing Herbal Ignite

Herbal Ignite

Herbal Ignite is a one hundred per cent natural dietary supplement manufactured to medicinal level Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from ingredients that are permitted to be used in complementary medicines in Australia.
Herbal Ignite has been successfully used by thousands of Australian and New Zealand men for 14 years.
As part of the manufacturing process, all of the herbal ingredients in the Herbal Ignite formula undergo rigorous testing at the start and the end of the manufacturing process to ensure they are meet the highest standards of purity and integrity of product.

The capsules are supplied by leading international capsule company Capsugel, formerly owned by Pzifer.

Confidence in Quality

The company which manufactures Herbal Ignite, Intenza International Pty Ltd, is registered in quality - is herbal ignite safeQueensland and Herbal Ignite has been sold as a complementary medicine in Australia since 2001.

A full time team of customer service staff are on hand to personally answer customer enquiries and to take orders, because we understand some web-based merchants operate under anonymity and are impossible to identify or talk to directly.

We understand consumers have cause to be wary because some herbal products have been withdrawn after it was found to be adulterated with undeclared ingredients including rogue pharmaceuticals.

How To Assess Your Supplements

Step One: Avoid any herbal pill that promises instant results. Tests done by pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc, as well as other independent testing authorities, showed up to 90% of the herbal pills that promised “instant action” were spiked with illegal pharmaceutical ingredients, sometimes at dangerous levels.

Step Two: Choose herbs that have a long tradition in herbal medicine for the purpose you want. For men’s stamina and libido these include tribulus terrestris, Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba, horny goat weed, saw palmetto and avena sativa.

South American rain forest herbs like damiana, muira puama, and maca also all enjoy a long history of successful use for enhancing sexual performance. However muira puama, maca and the sex enhancer yohimbe are not permitted to be used as complementary medicines in Australia.

Step Three: Ensure the formulation states clearly on the label what it contains and at what strength. For tribulus terrestris for example, studies show the best results require a formulation with at least 40 per cent concentration of the active saponens. Avoid products where the concentration of active ingredients is low or is not stated.

follow instructions - is ignite safeStep Four: Always use the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If the product suggests taking the product according to body weight daily, you need to do this to get good results. Many herbal remedies require gradual and consistent use for up to three months for the best results, so understand they do not generally offer an “instant solution.”


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Discover the difference for yourself with our great buy 2 get 2 free deal, which usually works out at approximately 3-4 months worth, depending on body weight. Or if you have further questions you would like to ask, simply give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 981 215